Me and Haunted Garage


    Here is the story of how I got involved with Haunted Garage. I moved to the L.A. area in 1988, I was 17 years old and the first concert I saw out here was The Cramps at the Universal Amphitheater, who I loved for years, and there was this crazy band opening called Haunted Garage. I really enjoyed the show. Within the next year I was working at a local record store called Music Exchange in Glendale, CA. There was a guy who came in a lot named Abel who I became friends with. Well it turned out that Abel worked with King and Gaby (their real jobs) and helped Garage with their shows. So over the next year I started helping Abel with the shows and met all the members.

    There were some great shows too; it was amazing that some of the bands that opened for Garage at the time were DI and White Zombie. Fantastic shows…blood spurting everywhere, blood covered gore-gore girls (including Dukey’s girlfriend Barb (Dutchess Desade)), crazy props, just amazing. I would help Abel with set ups and even help sell merchandise at the shows. When Garage finally got a record deal with Warner Bros/Metal Blade we all thought that it was finally going to happen for the band. Ron Champagne produced (Alice in Chains, Janes Addiction) Possession Park, and I was in the studio for almost the whole recording and some mixing. Boy some of the antics in the studio, I cannot even talk about here. And Dukey constantly drinking that hot tea for his voice, because he was really pushing it. The album was complete and it sounded great. The record release party was fantastic too. Pigmy Love Circus played and so did Garage. I met Rozz Williams (Christian Death) at the party (may he rest in peace), and all the Hollywood weirdoes were out. Garage went on tour of the US and Europe and that pretty much killed the band. Metal Blade did not support them well and it was rough from all accounts that I heard. The band did get in the studio again though in 93’ with Ron again to record ‘Halo of Flies’ for the Alice Cooper tribute CD, recorded in a shack in Ron’s backyard, it was a great session and the last recording session that I had been with them. They did a few shows around this time, and were even talking about a follow up album, I remember Dukey wanting to call it sicksicksicks, and they had written a few new tracks, the best called 5 dead stage divers, great song.

    During the next period I saw King and Gaby here and there, and Johnny once in awhile. And then in 96’ the band did a one-shot reunion at the Whisky in Hollywood, I went to the rehearsals, and after a little work resurrected the Garage. I helped Gaby with his setup and what a great show, the band was tight that night, the crowd was receptive, I actually thought that maybe they would get it together again, but unfortunately that did not happen. The last I saw of anyone was Gaby and myself spent 6 hours in a rehearsal studio in Burbank, with his cousins, and had a great jam session in 97’. I really would love to play permanently with these guys, absolutely great guitar by Gaby, and his cousins are a great rhythm section, it would be a hell of a band. It was definitely a Stones night J.

    Then I heard earlier this year that Dukey and Gaby were getting the band rolling again, I sure hope so, maybe I can even help again, or play with them. Nothing like reliving old times again. So I decided that since I have been doing websites for the past 4 years that they deserved one, because I loved that band very much. And Abel wherever you are man, I’m thinking of you. It was a great ride.